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My grandma sent me handwritten birthday cards. I have kept them all and cherish them to this day. They are great memories, a snap shot in my life and her life. 



As a child, I loved getting cards in the mail. I always looked forward to my birthday became I knew my grandma would send me a card. I loved reading the handwritten message she sent me, it was more memorable than any other gift she gave. I still have many of the cards she has sent me over the years. I will always have those cards and the words she sent me.


Handwritten cards are become less and less common. My mom still sends cards to my kids but they are in the minority. Email cards are the norm and the art of a handwritten card is being lost. This is my attempt to bring handwritten cards back so the memories stay alive and held. 

Email cards are easy but they are also read once and sent to the trash. These handwritten cards will be cherished and also document a memory and event.  

Purchase one of the unique birthday card design and write a custom message in the message box. The message will be handwritten onto the card and mailed to whomever you want to receive it. You don't need to make any extra effort than you would with an email card, yet the card and the message will live much longer.