What should I write . . .

Ideas on writing a letter or birthday card

I hear this comment from my kids all the time. I tell them what ever they want. By that I mean, it needs to be sincere and real. The worst thing in my opinion is for something meant to be personal to come across as formulaic. I also understand that sometime they may need prompt or ideas to get their juices going. An idea is to think of a time you and the recipient spent some time together and express how much you enjoyed their company. You can think of an interest you share with that person and write about the interest. Give a compliment but make sure it is sincere. Congratulate the recipient for something they have achieved or experienced recently. The goal is share a warm sincerity with whom you are writing to. If it is something you can smile about, share it with them. 

Actually write

Start with their name. Names mean a lot. Write in your best handwriting. Google words you are unsure of their spelling. Use a pen and take your time. Plan your message a little bit. You don't want it to be formulaic but it is ok to give it a little planning. I often find that I don't do this part and sometime find myself stuck in the middle of the writing process. Most important, do it. Take a moment and write a handwritten letter or birthday card and it will be received with joy and excitement.

Mail Art

Mail Art

Have you ever heard of "Mail Art"? Wikipedia defines it as a populistic movement centered on sending small scale works through the postal service. My brother used to send me letters in the mail where he created the envelope out of whatever paper he had lying around. He would turn the envelope into a piece of art. Some common elements of Mail Art according to Wikipedia, collage, recycled images and objects, artistic created stamps, paint and include anything that can be put into an envelope. I think of mail art as tactile and beautiful. I think the way the postmark is randomly placed adds an uncontrolled element to the art work. 


Next time you want to send an email to a friend or relative, take a little more time and send them some mail art. Create the "art" using items you have around the house or office. I think you will be surprised by what you can create and the letter will be treasured by its receiver.

Paper Designs


I love paper. I love the feel of it. I love the texture and I love the various colors it comes in. One of my favorite past times is finding paper. I love paper stores, craft stores, and any other place I may find beautiful paper. One time I even took a class and learned to make my own paper. 

As a graphic designer, I love to create tactile real designs that can be held. I love receiving mail in the mailbox. I love stamps (both stamps-postage and the postmark) and everything that goes into sending a letter through the mail. 


Over the years, handwritten mail has slowly been replaced with emails. Instead of receiving a physical birthday card, most people send email birthday cards. I know they are easy and can be sent very last minute. Paper Designs is trying to bring back mailed birthday cards by adding the convince of email birthday cards. Pick a card,  write a message on the message field, submit the recipients address and checkout. Your recipient will receive a card from you through the mail, handwritten with the message you provide. The card will be written and mailed in 2 days of your order being placed. You can sent a card with the same convince of an email birthday card only this card can be held and will be kept by the recipient.