Paper Designs


I love paper. I love the feel of it. I love the texture and I love the various colors it comes in. One of my favorite past times is finding paper. I love paper stores, craft stores, and any other place I may find beautiful paper. One time I even took a class and learned to make my own paper. 

As a graphic designer, I love to create tactile real designs that can be held. I love receiving mail in the mailbox. I love stamps (both stamps-postage and the postmark) and everything that goes into sending a letter through the mail. 


Over the years, handwritten mail has slowly been replaced with emails. Instead of receiving a physical birthday card, most people send email birthday cards. I know they are easy and can be sent very last minute. Paper Designs is trying to bring back mailed birthday cards by adding the convince of email birthday cards. Pick a card,  write a message on the message field, submit the recipients address and checkout. Your recipient will receive a card from you through the mail, handwritten with the message you provide. The card will be written and mailed in 2 days of your order being placed. You can sent a card with the same convince of an email birthday card only this card can be held and will be kept by the recipient.